We invite all sports enthusiasts to experience the unique conditions offered by our guesthouse. With us, you can combine relaxation with active training, enjoying the beauty of nature and excellent conditions for practicing sports.

In our guesthouse, we offer a variety of water attractions for all those who wish to enjoy the charms of Lake Ryńskie:

Kayaks: Perfect for those seeking tranquility and closeness to nature. Kayaking is a great way to relax and explore the lake.
Pedal Boats: Excellent family fun and active time spent on the water, allowing you to admire the beauty of the surroundings.
Motorboat Without a License: For thrill-seekers, we offer motorboats that can be rented without the need for a license.
Mooring Your Own Yacht: Guests with their own boats can use our piers for safe mooring.|

Our water attractions are ideal for anyone who wants to combine relaxation with activity on the water.

Sports and Activities

The Perfect Place for Sports Enthusiasts

Our guesthouse is not only an oasis of peace and relaxation but also a perfect place for amateurs and professionals of sports such as triathlon, cycling, swimming, and running. We offer exceptional conditions for those who want to combine rest with physical activity in a picturesque setting.

Triathlon: Cycling, Swimming, Running
Cycling: Our location offers breathtaking views and physically demanding bike routes that will satisfy both amateurs and experienced cyclists. From our guesthouse, you set out to explore picturesque paths and off-road challenges.
Swimming: Lake Ryńskie, accessible directly from our pier, is an ideal place for swimming. A safe bay allows for training in calm conditions, perfect for both beginners and advanced swimmers.
Running: We offer access to forest running trails that are right next to our area. Away from car traffic, in full harmony with nature, you can enjoy running among the trees and fresh air.
Facilities for Athletes

We understand the needs of athletes, so we provide places for storing, servicing, and washing bicycles. Our facilities are available to all Guests without additional charges, to make your training as comfortable as possible.

We encourage you to discover bike routes that are available in our area. Here are some routes recommended by us, available on the Strava platform.
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